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About Us

We are located in Bittern on the Mornington Penninsula in Victoria, Australia.


We Love Westies

We breed West Highland White Terriers from our home in a caring family environment and are opposed to puppy farms.


Our Westies and their puppies are more than just pets, they are part of our family, so we want to be sure that the puppies go to loving homes where they will be treated well.


As breeders, we aim to improve the breed with each mating, while we consider characteristics such as structure, coat and pigmentation, we consider temperament above all else.

Our Westies

Below are the Westies that we are actively breeding.

Devnik Calla Lily


Ch. Devnik Chelsea Pride


Devnik Dream Affair


Devnik Little Miss Harmony


Ch. Devnik Scoot On Over


Devnik Spot The Difference


Ch. Mintonmaia Smac The Knife


Honeymoon Vom Deipen Brook


Ch. Royal Casanova Vom Deipen Brook


Ch. Devnik Spot of Spice


Westbronty Gabriels Message


Devnik Southern Victory


Westie Puppies

Maximus Cuteus

  • Small Dogs, Small Litters

    Hard to find

    Westies puppies are incredibly cute and understandably they are in high demand. In addition Westies only have small litters (3 or 4 puppies on average) which makes them hard to come by.
    As ethical breeders, we only breed our girls once per year and each girl only has 3 or 4 litters in their lifetime.

  • Health and Well Being

    They grow so fast!

    Our puppies see a Vet within a day or two of their birth, where they are given a health check. We weigh them every day to ensure they are gaining weight and monitor their health status. They then return to the Vet at 6 weeks for their first vaccination and another health check. In the meantime they are lovingly cared for by their mother and spolied terribly by us.

  • Training

    It's all about the routine.

    As soon as they are mobile, we begin the process of house training. Through gentle persuasion and routine, they learn to do their business in the right place at the right time, which makes life easier for their new owners. They are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age. They microchipped before they leave us.
    We provide details of their feeding, de-worming and flea treatment schedules as well as details on how to brush them, how to trim their nails and give basic care and training advice.
    We also recommend Pet Insurance, hopefully you won't need it, but accidents do happen and Vet bills can be expensive!

  • Waiting List

    How long is the list?

    It's a question we are often asked, but it is difficult to answer. If depends upon whether you are looking for a male or a female and the size of the litters. At this stage, our waiting list is full and we don't expect to have any puppies available to people outside of our current list until 2020.


If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please note the following:

  • We don't sell puppies to people who plan to breed from the puppy unless they are registered breeders.
  • We want our puppies to go to homes where the puppy will be part of the family and sleep inside.
  • Whether you buy a puppy from us or someone else, we recommend you visit the breeder and meet their dogs to see how they are treated. Don't support puppy mills!

More Westie Stuff

Too much is not enough.

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Nothing is cuter than a Westie!

Westie Book

A Westie's Guide to Training Humans.

Westie Calendars

Have Westies on your wall all year round!

Westie Grooming

Having trouble finding a groomer who knows how to make your Westie look like a Westie?

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Westie Tshirts and more.

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Please note, at this stage, our waiting list is full and we don't expect to have any puppies available to people outside our current list until 2020.